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Our tight-knit team of experienced and licensed math teachers is dedicated to helping your Wilmington area student get back on track, raise their grades, regain their confidence and excel in math!

There's no risk with our "Love us...Or It's On Us" Guarantee. To get started, fill out the form and on the next page we'll schedule a quick phone chat with Ashley to discuss your needs.

Dear Fellow Parent,

Whether your child is behind, struggling, or simply needs extra help — we will help your child raise their grades, get back on track, regain their confidence, and excel in math.

Over the past 11 years in both the public and private school classroom and 16+ years as a private math tutor, I've witnessed the life changing impact that one-on-one math tutoring can have on your student's life.  

Whether your child works directly with me or any one of the exceptionally talented North Carolina licensed educators on my team, you can be confident that they will be working with not only a talented tutor but an advocate and mentor who is invested in your son or daughter's success. 

"Love Us... Or It's On Us" Guarantee

If by the end of your first session, you’re not thoroughly convinced that you’ve found the absolute best choice for your child, then you’ll owe us nothing and we’ll part as friends.  I know that once your child has worked with one of our tutors just once, that you’ll know that you’ve found the right solution for your family.

"My son stated "Mrs. Morris explains it so I can get it." When my son initially began working with Mrs. Morris he was not confident in math. Now he says math is his favorite subject and for the last three years has been recommended by his teachers to be in the advanced level math courses.

Margie F.
Parent Story

"We saw a huge jump in his test scores (from Cs and Ds to As and Bs), and he consistently made 100s on homework as well as was able to finish homework in half the time as before Ashley. Most telling, was my son was more worried about disappointing Ashley if he got a poor grade than us!"

Anna D
Parent Story

One-on-One Math Tutoring in Wilmington

Wilmington Math Subjects

This school year, my team and I are tutoring Wilmington area middle and high school students in the following math subjects. We also welcome all college students.

  • Middle School Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Common Core Math
  • Algebra I and II
  • Algebra III/Trigonometry
  • Math I, II, and III
  • Advanced Functions & Modeling
  • Geometry
  • College Algebra
  • Homeschool Math
  • Pre-Calculus and Calculus

We offer SAT, ACT test preparation to help your high school student as they prepare to become college students. We also offer GED math and other test preparation for adult students.

About Our Tutoring Team 

We are a small team of math teachers who have a wide variety of experiences spread across public, private, and charter schools. 

We offer one-on-one math tutoring in Wilmington, NC and throughout New Hanover County. We are also able to serve all of the surrounding areas such as Topsail Island, Wrightsville Beach, Hampstead, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Murrayville, Wrightsboro, Eagle Island, Leland, Figure Eight Island, and beyond.

All of us are currently licensed and have extensive experience in the classroom and as one-on-one tutors. 

In addition to the public schools, we work with students at many of the area's fine private school students such as Cape Fear Academy, Coastal Christian, and Gaston Day (to name a few). 

For Wilmington area home school math students, we can tutor students or we can serve as private math teachers.

"[they] helped my son navigate the challenges of high school calculus and made him feel more confident along the way!

Loraine R. via Facebook

"These [online face-to-face tutoring] sessions saved us all hours of commute time....she makes parenting easier for parents and school easier for students”

Mark F. via Facebook

Your Very Own Math "Dream Team"

Your student will not only have their own private math teacher, but they will also have an entire team of educators working behind the scenes for their success.   Our tight-knit team is made up of highly talented and experienced math educators which can be leveraged in both day-to-day problem solving and when the going gets tough.  We've got your back!

Math Teachers

 All of us are currently licensed teachers with a minimum of 5 years of hands-on classroom experience. 

Many of our tutors have advanced level degrees or a professional equivalent. 


One-on-One attention with an awesome tutor fully invested in your student's success.

Your math tutor will work with your student on the assignments, quizzes, and tests their working on in class right now. They'll also provide extra practice where needed!

Flexible Schedules

A variety of schedules available to suit your needs. Our team will come to your student wherever they are.

Our online face-to-face tutoring allows students to get all the benefits of traditional in-person tutoring anywhere. 

Personal Support 

We are a tight knit team of professional math educators who have your back.

All the personal touch of an individual tutor with the resources of an all-star group.

"Our daughter was struggling with high school math, getting further behind, and doing poorly on her tests. In just a few weeks Ashley had her caught up, and she now has an A in math! It’s just remarkable, and we are so pleased! ..Our daughter no longer dreads math and has regained her confidence. We are so grateful to have found Ashley and would highly recommend her!"

Robin H.
Parent Story

"Christian was very behind before he came to you for tutoring. He complained about math all the time and lost self confidence every day. He did not know how to learn. You are absolutely the best math teacher who reads kid’s learning style and have found the best training method to lead Christian. This is the first time for him to get a math honor, which makes him believe now that he is able to step on the road to success."

Christian's Parents & Grandparents
Parent Story

After several months of struggling on his own, I decided to hire a tutor. Ashley reviews classwork, [helps] complete homework, and creates further practice to support Jake. His grades have improved and he is much more confident in his ability as a math student. Not only...a terrific teacher, but a positive influence on my child." 

Jamie H.
Parent Story

"knowledgeable and is able to explain concepts in a way that students can easily grasp...especially gifted at pin pointing the areas of difficulties and tailoring each tutoring session to address these areas. Perhaps more importantly... able to move a student from feeling defeated by lack of success to feeling more confident about their ability to succeed."

Clara S. 
Parent Story

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