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Fellow Parent,

Whether your son or daughter is behind, struggling, has a learning disability, or simply needs extra help — my team and I will help your child raise their grades, get back on track, regain their confidence, and excel in math!

Hi! My name is Ashley Morris and I'm a mom and an educator. For 17 years my team and I have helped students overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

I can't wait to hear about your student and share with you how we can help you solve your math problem for good!


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Struggling to As:
"Our daughter no longer dreads math and has regained her confidence."

Robin Harrison

Ashley, Anne, and Carrie are all absolutely fabulous:
"My daughter has dyslexia...her grades and confidence improved after just 4 tutoring sessions."

Leslie Hilliard - Raleigh, NC

After several months of struggling on their own:
"Not only a terrific teacher, but also a positive influence on my son."

Jamie Howard - Apex, NC

Best tutor experience in 10 years of other tutors:
"Seeing the benefits himself, my son looked forward to his tutoring sessions."

Donna Cronin

A Great Blessing to Our Family:
"[they] make parenting easier for parents and school easier for students

Mark Finklestein - Raleigh, NC

Gifted at Pin Pointing Areas of Difficulties:
"Able to move a student from feeling defeated to feeling confident"

Clara S. - Raleigh, NC

Patient, Flexible, Helped my Son Understand the Material:
"My son did great in his pre-calculus class ...awesome and worth every penny!”

Susan Bevin - Raleigh, NC

From a D to a high B in Algebra:
"Ashley has been a blessing to us and I highly recommend her"

Holly Martin

A huge jump in his test scores at Ravenscroft (from Cs and Ds to As and Bs)
"Most telling, my son was more worried about disappointing Ashley than us! Whatever works, and Ashley works for our family!"

Anna D. -  Raleigh ,NC

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Tap into our unique team of professional educators who will connect with your student and help them regain their confidence in math and their other subjects.


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